LEADERSHIPBe authentic and approachable with a willingness to consider all points of view

- When residents come before City Council, I will treat them with respect and be open to understanding their position.

- I will take time to learn; the more informed I am, the more effective I will be.

- We will take a pro-active versus reactive approach to recruiting businesses to our city.

- When a decision is made, I will provide residents with a clear explanation of “how” and “why”. 

- I will be a genuine and enthusiastic champion of the city and will serve all its residents with integrity.  

PROCESSParticipation by all should be paramount in running our city 

- Provide more opportunity for public comment prior to taking a vote; listen, learn, lead.

- City Staff should not be the gatekeepers of potential development; the City Council needs to be involved early in the process. 

- “That’s how it’s always been done/this has always been the plan” is not a reason for moving forward; seek alternatives, new ways of doing business that meet the needs of our residents.

- Proposals should be vetted by City Council earlier in the planning process to avoid over-commitment from City Staff to a developer; be willing to “push-back” to protect what makes Chanhassen unique.

DEVELOPMENT/GROWTHWe need to bring energy and opportunity to Chanhassen

- Ensure our current residents are informed and listened to when impacted by development. Require higher standards for developers who want to build within existing neighborhoods.

- Listen to our existing businesses about the obstacles they face due to Chanhassen’s current code; establish a business consortium to collect such feedback to build a strong business community.

- Review ordinances/city codes to understand any barriers to entry for independently-owned businesses

- Work with the Southwest Chamber of Commerce to promote our city and seek emerging businesses.

TAXESIt’s the citizens’ money, not the city's.

- Be fiscally responsible by having clear oversight on all budgets.

- Ensure transparency of funds, fund balances and allocation.

- Committed to keep taxes low for all residents, while providing quality services to the community.

- Maintain an increasing and robust tax base.

- Review deficiencies in Chanhassen’s contractual services agreements to avoid wasteful spending.